Review Your Luggage before Travelling this Summer

So you are going somewhere for your summer vacation. Yey! No matter your destination, you are living the dream. There is one problem though: what will you carry during your trip? There are way too many options. When it comes to clothes, accessories and even cosmetics… what to carry and what to leave!? Remember in every trip or vacation the luggage detail matters a lot. Therefore; is there a formula to knowing what you should carry and what you should leave?


Relax. I’m here to help. No need to panic. Yes, there is a formula. There are some steps that can guide you on what to carry during your vacation. There are some things that you must carry to your vacation destination.


Luggage like this is made from recycled materials


Here are some steps that will guide you on knowing exactly what to carry:


  • Do some research on your vacation destination. Every luggage detail depends on the destination. This will help you know the temperatures, the activities to be done there and the culture of the people in that place. This will assist you in deciding what to carry. It also helps ensure that everything you carry is completely necessary. Remember picking the best luggage depends on your trip, there is no one perfect set of bags for every vacation.


  • Get a friend’s opinion. It’s hard deciding on what’s necessary and what’s pretty. When you get help, you will be able to stay focused on what is necessary and get help deciding on what pretty thing to carry. Left to yourself, you will probable carry pretty things only and forget the necessary things only, or take necessary things you really don’t think are pretty.



  • Have a theme. Having a theme will help you remember everything you would like and will keep you from carrying stuff ‘just in case’. It works almost like having a list. The aim of that is remaining focused on what to carry and what not to carry.



  • Carry some basic emergency medication. Don’t just research on the kinds of clothes you should carry, research on the kinds of illness you might suffer from during your trips. If you are supposed to get a vaccination, please do. And carry painkillers. You never know what might happen.



  • Necessary gadget accessories: for example a GPS guide device or a map for finding location of where you are and where you want to be. An extra mobile phone in case of one is lost and you won’t get stranded, you can still call the hotel or agent. A camera to day is very important in any vacation for documentation purposes and to help recall where you went. Currency calculator is very important though most people would prefer to use a laptop or a tablet through online currency calculators mostly when going for vacation in another country.




These basic steps are there to guide and not dictate for you what to carry and what not to carry. If you feel like you should carry something, yet it defies the steps outlined above, carry it if it might help along the way. Remember that a vacation is a time for you to enjoy and be happy. Wishing you carried something you left at home will only ruin your vacation, worse of is wishing you did not carry the unnecessary heavy bag.


Best E-Readers in 2015

E-readers have become very popular ever since they were first released by Amazon. Now many companies have joined the market, giving you more choices than ever when it comes to purchasing the right e-reader for your needs. Here are the top e-readers for 2015.

King of e-readers

Amazon Kindle VoyageThe current king of the e-readers is the Amazon Kindle Voyage. Of course Amazon would be the winner, they were the first and so have had the most time to work on improving their impressive line of e-reader products. This particular product does come on the higher price of those available so if you are looking for something in your budget you might want to go elsewhere.

Best overall

Kindle PaperwhiteThe e-reader that is voted to be best overall with consumers is the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite. This is another product from Amazon, but with the fast speeds, all of the memory that is available for you to use, and the price, it is often the option that is picked over the Amazon Kindle Voyage.

Best ad-free reader

GlowlightTired of all those ads popping up each time that you are trying to read? Do you feel like they are running your experience and they are starting to annoy you? If this sounds like something you have dealt with in the past, check out the Barnes and Noble Nook Glowlight. The price is right, there are no advertisements, and you will be able to enjoy all of your favorite stories while sitting under your comfy goose down comforter.

Best Bargain

kindle originalFor those that are looking to get an e-reader that works great but who do not have a lot of extra money sitting around to spend, Amazon wins again. The Amazon Kindle, the original, is the best bargain on the market coming in at only $79. You will still be able to get all of your favorite books on the Kindle for this great price.

Open e-reader

Cob glowThe Kobo Glo is a good option if you want to try out something that is not from Amazon. It can be really useful if you are looking for international options in reading or you need a reader that is able to take EPUB. This opens up some more options for your reading pleasure.